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Joomla Modules

Pro Dropdown Menu

This is a sexy Dropdown Menu with mootools compatibly. So, it is really easy to use with Joomla native without any Javascript conflict in your site.

This is a Horizontal Dropdown Mootools Menu with Multi Colors effect. Just install and select a menu from Joomla menu system and see how it works.

To change each item background image, look at modules/mod_prodropdownmenu/lib/img/{color}.jpg with color is item image.

Then to change hover background image, look at modules/mod_prodropdownmenu/lib/img/{color}-hover.jpg with color is item image

Features :

  1. Start menu level option
  2. End menu level option

Standalone Accordion Menu

Standalone Accordion Menu is a native extension for Joomla!.

Using Standalone Accordion Menu on your site simply with two steps only: Installation and Assigning a menu from Joomla menu system.

Virtuemart Accordion Menu

The Accordion for Virtuemart Categories is a Joomla native module. It allows you to show all virtuemart categories by a vertical menu with accordion style.

This module looks like Standalone Accordion Menu. But for VirtueMart Categories.

  • Click or hover for accordion effect
  • Top parent category links (which top parent links have sub level) have been linked or not
  • Fixed jQuery conflict or not
  • Remind opened menu or not

Standalone Dropdown Menu

Standalone Dropdown Menu

This menu does not use Mootools or jQuery library, so it works with all Joomla sites (without any script conflict).

It is very easy to change background image, font style and color in CSS file.

To configure this module, please choose one menu for it to show on front-end.

NewsFlash Expanding

The Newsflash Expanding is a Joomla module. It works exactly like Joomla NewsFlash module with all params, but with some expanding effects.

Use "No. of character" param, the content will be cut off with this value and have a "Read More" button to view full  content (not direct link). Click "Read More" you will see full content of that article with fadein effect.

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